Italia: Pros and Cons of Living in Italy

Nowadays, the planet has no boundaries. First of all, the freedom is ensured due to the Internet. One may check online the cameras across the globe and have a look at the streets of Milan, Barcelona or Brasilia.


The global network has dramatically changed the way people spend their lives and leisure time. Quite often, instead of going out to a cinema, one may watch a favorite film at home. Instead of flying to London to Aspers Casino, it is feasible to check the list of casino sites in UK and gamble online. From one point of view, the Internet saves time, however, in the meantime, it consumes lots of it.

Despite the possibilities provided by the Internet and the contemporary level of technologies, traveling and moving to other countries have never been as widespread as now. Nowadays, the dream to live in another country can be quite easily implemented in life.

Italy is a fantastic southern country in Europe. No wonder, lots of immigrants have fallen in love with it. Statistically, more than 6 million people have moved to Italy, both legally and illegally. People who have paid attention to Italy and consider moving there shall estimate all the advantages and disadvantages so that a decision is reasonable and justified.

Benefits of Living in Italy

  1. Climate

This is one of the most important aspects for the comfort of people. Those who are tired from winters in Canada or from fog in Great Britain. In Italy, one may enjoy a chilly climate in the mountains, as well as the breeze from the sea, and the freshness near lakes. There are five seas around Italy. Thus, wherever a person chooses to live, the seaside will not be far.

  1. Cuisine

Italian cuisine is a real masterpiece, undoubtedly. The variety of vegetables, fruit, meat, dairy products, and fresh seafood are caused by favorable climatic conditions in the country. Apart from exquisite restaurants, people eat in local trattorias which cook according to own family recipes. Besides, each region has typical dishes along with typical vine which is naturally the most acknowledged beverage of this sunny country.

  1. Sightseeing
Colosseo – Roma

Italy is a homeland for numerous cultural and historical spots and locations. The country area is not so big, however, the concentration of historical and natural beauties is impressive. Living in a country being the best touristic attraction is a dream which has come true, isn’t it?

  1. People

The citizens of Italy are open and hospitable. Tourists and immigrants are met with smiles. Besides, Italians are ready to assist if needed.

However, still, there are certain disadvantages which shall be taken into account before making the decision to move to Italy.

Flaws of Italy and Living There

  1. The rate of living is not the highest among the countries of the EU. Besides, Italy is among the states with the highest taxes. This imposes high demands and certain discomfort to the citizens of the country.
  2. People mostly speak Italian. Thus, it is essential for those who consider moving to Italy, start learning the language. Around one third can speak English.
  3. Real estate, as well as the cost of rent, are quite expensive. The prices are more budget-friendly if a person is looking for accommodation which is remote from the most popular tourist destinations.
  4. Because of illegal immigrants, the level of crimes in Italy is quite high. However, the police and authorities are actively working on solving this problem.

In any case, moving to another country is a serious step and has to be well-thought. Though, this is the real freedom people are so vigorously looking for.


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